Wine: More where that (Oktoberfest) came from

From the October 17, 2013 edition
  • Photo by Meghan Ralston
  • Photo by Meghan Ralston

Have you had your fill of Oktoberfest beers yet? It’s about time to switch things up, and we’ve got the perfect transition drink for you… a dry white wine with a name that boasts umlauts.

When it comes to wine, Germany is most known for its rieslings (they fall on a spectrum — with corresponding names denoting each level — from sweet to dry, with most in the “sweet” category, generally).

A dry wine would make for an easier transition from your Oktoberfest glut, however, and this Austrian pick (a close cousin to Germany) hit the spot: 2012 Hugo Grüner Veltliner ($14 at MacLaren Wines).

It’s a bright, light little wine — dry, but still with fruity green apple and almost-fresh-squeezed lemon-lime flavors. Grüner veltliners are iconically Austrian and typically shoot for a peppery flavor profile with the taste of stone fruits, but that’s often thanks to very careful growing conditions; this one was likely produced en mass.

The Hugo grüner veltliner goes down smoothly on its own, but I could see it pairing well with a fall harvest salad, breaded and baked fish or a cheese-and-salty-meat tray.

Or, hey, maybe you work it in between rounds of your other fall favorite.