Street Fashion: Get ready for black leather

From the October 31, 2013 edition
  • Alexis Victor, Victorian Village
  • Cecil David Moore III, Short North
  • Makayla
  • Dani Moses, German Village
  • Kate Block, Short North
  • Jada Greason, Short North
  • Randi Sponsel, Blacklick
  • Aaron Eldridge, East Side

Story and Photos by Erik Rettman

I saw a lot of good style the past two weeks, including some examples of emerging fall trends. The statement scarf can be seen on Kate Block and Katie Stratico. Kate's is a little more subdued, which gives contrast to her faded denim jacket and white T-shirt. Katie's is a little bolder, but pairs well with her military-style field jacket. On Randi Sponsel we see one of my favorite pieces right now, the black leather biker jacket. She took her style a step further and added custom studs for a more aggressive look. Get ready for a lot of black leather this fall/winter season.

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