Street Fashion: Flannel and vests

From the November 14, 2013 edition
  • Madeline Schiebel, Short North
  • Que Jones, Short North
  • David Frankhouser, Old North
  • Alyssa Petrosky, SoHud
  • Kendle Meacham, Short North
  • Brittany Dawn, North Campus
  • Dashia White, Short North
  • Akeem Denny, Shorth North
  • Shane Vanover, Grandview

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, I'm starting to see a lot more outerwear. One piece I like right now is the down vest that we see on Alyssa and Allston. The goose down will provide you with enough warmth to last all winter, especially if you find one that is fleece lined. It also makes for a good layering piece to go over your crew necks, wool sweaters or my next favorite piece — flannel. Flannel shirts are another item that will keep you warm this winter and gives us guys another reason to grow our facial hair this November so we can achieve that rugged, lumberjack look.

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