Street Fashion: 50 shades of purple

From the January 16, 2014 edition
  • Brittany White, New York
  • Keri Smith, Short North
  • Garret Gillett, Short North
  • Daniel Casto, Portland, Oregon
  • Kaytlin Houghteling, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Asen
  • Burson Sprague, Marysville

These past few weeks have been a real grab bag of styles. One I'd like to point out in particular is the emergence of purple as the color of the season.

Keri is wearing a purple hat, which perfectly complements the purple highlights in her hair. Kaytlin is also wearing a purple cloche hat that contrasts well with her yellow scarf giving her an updated 1920s style.

Another great way to stand out this winter is to trade your red lipstick for a shade of purple. Purple isn't just for the ladies though. Burson is wearing purple jeans with a double breasted vest also lending him a classic look.