Concert preview: Fever the Ghost craft hallucinatory tunes on the trippy Crab in Honey EP

From the February 27, 2014 edition

Even the arty Los Angeles crew’s name hints at some kind of giddy, fever-induced hallucination, so it shouldn’t surprise that the music on the Crab in Honey EP falls on the more psychedelic end of the musical spectrum.

The five-track effort packs in an assortment of trippy tunes awash in Technicolor synths, squiggly guitar and singer Casper Andrizzo’s vision quest lyrics, which are every bit as out-there as song titles like “A Parliament of Owls Determine the Fates of Greater Men No Less Than 5 Stories Above Us in a Dream” suggest.

Want to take a trip without the aid of any mind-altering substances? Here’s your chance.