April Gallery Hop preview: Three exhibits to see

From the April 3, 2014 edition

“college ruled!”

 For Adam Elliott, whom you may know as the drummer for legendary Columbus band Times New Viking, college, indeed, ruled.

“I spent four years creating and absorbing so much fascinating and weird things at CCAD. I met my band mates there and we just started playing music and I got into gang mentality toward art,” said Elliott, whose collection of collages will be on view at The Oak Room this month.

“This is my first show since graduating that doesn’t involve music or anyone else,” he said. “I am revisiting a lot of methods and imagery I was using a while ago with well-traveled eyes now. It’s exciting to me.” 

Elliott builds and deconstructs his paper works on impulse, a stream of visual conscious that leads to powerful images layered and removed, propped and reconsidered.

“I collect all printed paper. It’s my one weird obsession,” he said. “I have no idea where my passport is right now, but I do know where a corner scrap from a Hare Krishna pamphlet I got 10 years ago is in a box full of paper.”

“Blake Turner: Archive of the Useless”

History, we collectively say, is important. But where do we get our history? Artist Blake Turner, who is currently an MFA student of art and technology at Ohio State, studies this by collecting objects from the trash, Goodwill and Craigslist and manipulating them. For example, in his exhibit at Sean Christopher Gallery Ohio, books with erased passages and photographs are displayed among portraits of headless leaders. What is useful and what is meaningless in our pursuit of the stories we tell about our past?

Amy Ritter and Elizabeth Nelson

The pair of artists on display at Roy G Biv through April explores themes of identity and culture. Amy Ritter employs cutouts of various figures and bodies to question the way the female body is presented and thought about today, while Elizabeth Nelson makes jarring installations that create unease and inquiries into our modern image-heavy lifestyles.