Hand stamp: From Ace of Cups. "Karaoke last night."

 Hand stamp: From Ace of Cups. “Karaoke last night.”

Guts vest: From TheElectricZombie.com. “I wasn’t allowed to watch monster flicks as a kid so I’ve been binge-watching ever since. My favorite part about this vest is the guts inside.”

Jean vest: From eBay. “I’m pretty sure it’s never been washed. I drew the bear with tusks and a laser eye on the back.”

Mittens patch: “I’ve gone by Mittens since second grade. My principal couldn’t say my last name right so he would call me Mr. Mittens.”

Cheeseburger patch: From eBay. “It looks like it’s from the Boy Scouts.”

Hoodie: From American Apparel

T-shirt: From 8BitZombie.com. “Most of my shit glows in the dark. I shop online almost exclusively. I can’t find any stores I like. I wear a lot of monster or metal band shirts.”

Underwear: “I’m wearing American Apparel briefs if you want to know. I think they’re pink today.”

Handkerchief: “I think I found this in a bathroom in a bar. It smells like jerky right now.”

Glasses: From Eyeglasses.com

Gauges: From Evolved

Septum piercing: From Evolved

Shoes: “I was going to wear these big red wrestling boots I had but they are really obnoxious.”

Socks: “I don’t have time to match them.”

Wallet: From Mercy Supply (mercysupply.com)

Gloves: From American Outfitters

Photos by Meghan Ralston