Golak: The Dayton Flyers advanced to the Elite Eight before being shut out of the Final Four by the Florida Gators. Is that a far enough run by Dayton for the Buckeyes to justify their first round upset by them?

Sumukh: No. I've never understood this logic. Does hitting on a girl you really like only to have her reject you and succeed somehow make your shortcomings any better?


Sumukh: Baseball's Opening Day was on Monday. What most excites you about this upcoming season?

Golak: I love baseball season! Listening to games on the radio while you're driving. Catching some rays and drinking a few cold brews during a Sunday day game. What excites me? Well, I guess the All-Star break. Because baseball doesn't really get “exciting” until after that.


Golak: Since the last Sports Bites, the Sixers snapped their losing streak at 26 games. That ties the record for longest losing streak, but doesn't take the overall title. If you're gonna lose, why not go for the top, right?

Sumukh: Sure, but maybe it's like a backwards version of the movie, "Major League," and there's a cardboard cutout of Sixers owner Josh Harris in the locker room, and for every loss, coach Brett Brown kept removing articles of clothing. It finally reached the point where Harris was down to his underwear, so the team had to win.


Sumukh: The Philadelphia Eagles released DeSean Jackson. Rumors are swirling that the release was due to Jackson's ties to Los Angeles gang members, which Jackson denies. Would you take a chance on a talented player with gang ties?

Golak: As a Browns fan, I would take anyone with ties to talent. Plus, how many more murders could a gang member be related to, compared to, say, a Donte Stallworth.