Golak: University of Kentucky students took to the streets Saturday night after their NCAA Tournament Semifinals victory over Wisconsin. The student body lit some hefty fires and participated in other rowdy forms of "civil disobedience." Are national titles our generation's Vietnam War?

Sumukh: It seems that way, and knowing some Kentucky basketball fans, I guarantee you they consider Louisville a bigger enemy than the Viet Cong ever was.


Sumukh: Kyrie Irving has taken to Twitter to address the media saying that he wants out of Cleveland. He says he's focused on the Cavs and sick of continuing to hear these rumors. Do you believe he'll stay?

Golak: Only Cleveland could make a guy leave by falsely accusing him of wanting to do so. I think he'll stay. Normally, you want to keep your talent away from opposing coaches and GMs. In this case, I'd keep pictures of Jim Gray posted around the arena.


Golak: The annual NCAA football clash between Texas and Oklahoma has undergone a name change. Formerly dubbed the "Red River Rivalry," the game has now been branded the "AT&T Red River Showdown." What's more egregious, the addition of "AT&T" or the subtraction of some sweet, sweet alliteration?

Sumukh: The addition of AT&T, which now makes me automatically assume that the stadiums will have terrible customer service for these games.


Sumukh: Oscar Pistorius took the stand at his murder trial on Monday. ESPN3 is airing live coverage of the trial from South Africa. Wasn't the O.J. trial enough of a crazy "live coverage" athlete situation for you to deal with in one lifetime as a sports fan?

Golak: I think the fact that we can trivialize and make a spectacle out of a white athlete's horrific crime with no regard to the feelings of the victim's family in South Africa no less shows how far we've come as a society. It almost brings a tear to my eye.