Staff Pick: Detroit rapper Danny Brown grows up on Old

From the April 10, 2014 edition

“Problems in my past haunt my future and my present,” raps Danny Brown amid his most recent effort Old. This sentiment bleeds through the album’s 19 tracks, which find the MC alternately picking at childhood scabs (“Grown Up”; “Torture”) and chronicling grown-up mistakes (“Clean Up”).

Yes, the Detroit native is still a thorough chronicler of his sexual conquests (it’s pretty much guaranteed his black book incorporates some kind of impossibly complex coding system), and he still likes to hit a joint now and again (witness “Kush Coma”). But where past efforts often felt like a logbook detailing these excesses, here he stakes out comparatively grown-up territory. It’s a good look on him, too.

Deniro Farrar and ZelooperZ also perform.

Photo courtesy of Danny Brown