Things We Love: Cadaver Dogs’ picks

From the April 10, 2014 edition

Cadaver Dogs and Hell City are as perfect a pair as could be without actually being forged together by blood and tar in the fiery pits of Hell. It’s no wonder, then, the Dogs (now a two-piece, Mat Franklin and Lex Vegas) are playing the tattoo convention and listed it as one of their favorite things: “This year will be extra exciting because our drummer is getting silicone horn implants.” We scratched that pick because duh. But here are some other things these Columbus hellraisers love.

Hollywood Casino

Going to casinos is one of our favorite free-time-on-tour activities, so it's nice that we can get the experience when we're in park as well. You might catch a Dog doubling down at the blackjack tables or putting it all on black at the roulette wheel, but you will not find us watching one of those Bon Jovi tribute bands. We're high rollers, ya know.

Wildman's Leather-N-Lace

Weird place. It reeks of skeez, which is why we like it. You've heard the radio commercial, now go spend all your money on lingerie, incense and leather chaps, but save a little to come to our shows and buy us shots.


We f---ing love blood! Guzzle it by the drop or the liter, animal blood or that of a loved one, the choices are endless. We bleed a lot every night on stage, and usually more than a little in the tour van during the days. We won't get into our off-day routine, but we know exactly how much it takes to fill up a hotel Jacuzzi bath tub. We love blood!

Columbus’ comedy scene

Columbus has some amazingly funny people living within its borders, and Cadaver Dogs have some real humor appreciators living within our tour van, so we're a pretty excellent match. Whether it's top-notch sketch comedy from the Monday Night Live crew (which Mat hosted like a born natural a few months back) or riotous standup from Nickey Winkelman or Carlos Teel, we love watching them almost as much as we love getting drunk with them.