Dance preview: “Taking Back the Short End” assembles surreal vignettes culled from dreams

From the April 17, 2014 edition

Modern movement choreographers, Paige Phillips and Abby Zbikowski, present two avant-garde performances, “a unique, intimate experience for viewing dance, as the audience will occupy the same close-quarters as the performers,” according to the press release. Phillips, who works in equal parts visual and performing arts, assembles a series of surreal vignettes culled from her reoccurring dreams about floods and tsunamis with a visual element inspired by Francisco Goya's series of supernatural paintings.

Zbikowski, a full-time teacher at OSU’s Department of Dance, reflects the idea of chaos in the aptly-titled “Unstable Stable.” After conceptualizing a new dance work for a large warehouse space, a number of circumstances, the performance was reduced from 16 to four dancers. It’s about finding coherence and purpose through dealing with variables out of our control.