Happy hour review: Shrunken Head’s $.75 drafts are worth leaving work early

From the April 17, 2014 edition

The Shrunken Head’s happiest hour is one of the Columbus bar scene’s better kept secrets. For one hour, six days a week at the Victorian Village psychobilly bar, you can catch a buzz for what it costs to catch the bus.

Drink Specials: 5

For happiest hour (5-6 p.m., Monday-Saturday), well liquor and Yuengling drafts are 75-cents. Yes, three quarters. From 6-8p.m., standard happy hour prices apply, including Jameson and OYO Whiskey for $3 and $5 22-ounce Fat Tire drafts. The 5 p.m. start time does make it difficult for the 9-5 crowd to partake, but it’s totally worth skipping out early. Added bonus: When you inevitably get fired from your job for leaving early, you can still afford to drink!

Atmosphere: 3.5

Exposed brick, cafe tables and great music made the bar inviting. The space is dimly lit, but the large storefront windows allowed for warm natural light to pour in. Everything from The Pixies to Depeche Mode played over the sound system, which was noticeable without being overwhelming. The music picks were well-curated and seemed to please the tattooed regulars. Outside, the tiki-post themed patio housed 10-15 people, with their chairs arranged in a circle, collectively chatting and enjoying the sunlight and brews.

Service: 4

Every time I’ve been to The Shrunken Head, I was impressed with the service both as a customer and former bartender. The staff fits the vibe and is friendly and informative. On that particular day, every person who walked through the door was greeted warmly and given their regular order without having to ask. The bartender answered all of my questions politely, and she didn’t even wince when I asked her what the happy hour special was. When your bartender doesn’t obviously hate his or her job (or you, by proxy) the overall experience is elevated.

Overall experience: 4

The star of the show was obviously the price, but the service was a close second. Even when the “happiest” hour of happy hour is over, the prices are still right. The quality of the atmosphere, staff and featured drink specials make it a good “deal” rather than a cheap date. I spent $8 and left with a solid buzz, which ensured The Shrunken Head a spot on my next “no sleep till Grandview” bar crawl.

Photo by Meghan Ralston