Golak: After smacking a walk-off homerun, Jimmy Rollins cursed out a fan while rounding the bases. This is the second major fan-interaction incident of the season if you tally up Matt Adams' shove from earlier in the year. Is baseball headed toward its own Malice at the Palace sometime this season?

Sumukh: It sure seems like it. At this point, I'm just happy the Cleveland Indians didn't give Albert Belle a coaching position this season like he was hoping for.


Sumukh: The Columbus Blue Jackets are in the playoffs for the second time in its history. They meet the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round. The Jackets went 0-5 this season against the Penguins. When it comes to the Jackets, do you believe in miracles?

Golak: Sadly, I do not. And it’s a shame because I hate the city of Pittsburgh more than any incarnation of the Soviet Union.


Golak: OSU Quarterback Braxton Miller tweeted a pic of an Ohio State official tweet touting almost 62,000 people in attendance for its spring game framed above a tweet from Michigan's official twitter account claiming its spring game attendance was just above 15,000 fans. Pretty early to get down to trash talking. Also, a relatively lame jump-off point, right?

Sumukh: Right. Using the "Braxton Miller School of Logic," I will now tweet at an Ann Arbor area comedian and brag about the success of an open mic in Columbus that I didn't even perform at.


Sumukh: Bubba Watson won his second green jacket at The Masters in the past three years. Watson is a divisive character. While no one will question his golf ability, he's also made some vocal comments, including that he has no problem with homosexuals, but believes homosexuality is a sin. As a result, were you cheering for Bubba to win on Sunday?

Golak: Definitely. When you consider Augusta, where The Masters is held, didn’t allow their first black member until 1990 and their first female member until 2012, by golf standards, Bubba, who only holds moderately ignorant views against gays, is the kind of pinko commie liberal that this young, rebellious golf fan can get behind!