Staff Pick: Columbus Blood pumps fresh life into Record Store Day

From the April 17, 2014 edition

It’s hard to argue with the sentiments behind Record Store Day, a music-lover’s holiday designed to celebrate the independent brick-and-mortar shops that have managed to survive — and in some cases thrive within — the era of digital downloads. With that said, the annual event, which takes place at record stores nationwide on Saturday, April 19, has shifted some from its modest roots as major labels have continued to flood the market with “limited” releases of mediocre albums. Even worse, the few worthwhile LPs that do hit shelves tend to get snapped up quickly and sold online at criminal markups (search “record store day” on Ebay around noon Saturday and prepare to cringe).

Here in Columbus, music fans can pick up at least one release with local ties: Columbus Blood, a compilation that gathers songs from locals like Connections, Hexers and The Girls! In addition to the vinyl LP, there will be a pair of release shows this weekend. On Friday, April 18, Righteous Buck & the Skull Scorchers, Cotton Jackson, Sick Thrills and Nom Tchotchkes take over Kobo, while Dead Girlfriends, Bridesmaid, The Girls!, Dirty Biscuits and Hexers hit Ace of Cups on Saturday, April 19.

Record Store Day photo