Things We Love: Boston Marathoner Kristy Taylor’s picks

From the April 17, 2014 edition

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is a daunting accomplishment on its own. For Columbus runner Kristy Taylor to meet the qualifying time for her age bracket, she had to cut about 90 minutes from her first marathon. It only took three years, and this weekend the 34-year-old Clintonville resident will participate in her first Boston Marathon after posting a 3:32 during the 2012 Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon. “I’ve watched [the Boston marathon] online every year,” she said. “I’m so excited to get in. It’s almost what defines endurance running.” As always, these are a few of her favorite things.

Olentangy Trail

I’ve been running there for 12 years. It’s like home for me. I see the same people every week. I’ve seen a 70-year-old guy there every Sunday for 10 years and when he’s not there I get worried. It’s where I’ve done all my training runs for my last 15 marathons. I live in Clintonville, so it’s only about a half mile away. There have only been a couple flashing incidents and the occasional penis drawing; it’s been otherwise relatively uneventful.


I put it on everything. People joke I would drink it if I could. Hardboiled eggs are probably the weirdest thing I’ve eaten it on. I’ve put it on cottage cheese — that creeped people out at work. I used to put hot sauce on pancakes; the syrup and the sauce actually kind of worked. It was a weird flavor. My friends and I have joked that I should write to GU, the energy gel company, and ask them to make Sriracha packets, because they make seasonal packets every year. I think there could be a market for it.

Great Lakes Christmas Ale

I like darker beers and I like microbrews, but I don’t want to say I’m a beer snob. But this is my all-time favorite beer 1.) because it’s delicious and 2.) it has a high alcohol content, so it’s efficient. It comes out around my birthday, so I get a lot of Christmas Ale as birthday presents, which is nice. I’ll take that. I stockpile it throughout the year. I can usually keep it through about February or March, and then it’s gone.

Death Cab for Cutie

Random fact: Ben Gibbard, the singer, is a runner. I can actually beat his time, so I take pride in that. I always say I’m going to go run in L.A. and get him to profess his love to me forever. Maybe next year, after Boston. Not to sound like, “Oh, I listened to them before everyone else,” but I did. I love them because they can make something insulting sound pretty and nice. People say, “How can you listen to Death Cab when you’re running?” But I can, though not so much their slower stuff. I really like “We Laugh Indoors”; it starts slow but picks up and it’s almost like a power song.

Columbus Marathon

I’ve done Columbus six times. I love the marathon, especially now that it’s sponsored by Nationwide Children’s Hospital; it’s really inspiring. Plus, I like being able to run a marathon and just go home after and pass out. That’s a definite benefit, but I just love the course, love being able to run through Bexley and German Village and Grandview, love being able to have my friends on the course supporting me. Most people I know are running the half or full, so it feels like a big event in the running community.