Staff pick: Mono’s music says legions with nary a word

From the April 24, 2014 edition

Though Mono’s albums contain no words, its music still manages to say legions. The long-running Japanese crew recorded its latest full-length, For My Parents, for example, as a means to express the love from child to parent, according to founding guitarist Takaakira Goto.

“As my parents are getting older, this idea that you have a limited time to share a gift with them became a concern,” the guitarist wrote in a recent email exchange. “And this idea … became the central theme behind the album.”

In turn, the songs here tend to evoke a strong sense of nostalgia. The band, working alongside collaborators the Wordless Music Orchestra, crafts sweeping, majestic compositions ideally suited to soundtrack a slideshow of family portraits. This helps explain why the musicians have recently branched out into film work (its latest single, “Kanata,” scored the Japanese mini-series “Kanata No Ko”), a widescreen trend likely to continue when the band enters the studio with Fred Weaver to begin work on its next album in the weeks after this current tour.

Photo courtesy of Mono