Fashion: What are you wearing, Pandora Foxx?

From the May 1, 2014 edition

Heels: From Charlotte Russe. "I'm a dancer, so I tend to go up on my toes a lot anyway. Plus, I like my legs. I've got a lot of them."

Marilyn Monroe tattoo: "Marilyn was one of the first women outside my mother and grandma that I thought was beautiful. I love her story. I got glanced over a lot as a kid, so did she. I could relate to that."

Nail polish: Shout the Rooftop by OPI

Shorts: A gift from a friend.

Blouse: From Alloy. "I started shopping here because it was the one place I could find 37-inch jeans. Great! I will not look like I'm flooding anymore."

Ankle bracelet: "This became an anklet by default. It's just a bracelet I found at a crafting store. I think when you're trying to find a certain look it is best done if it's accidental."

Pendant necklace: From a thrift store. "My mom used to wear four different necklaces at a time. She's definitely where I get the bling component."

Earrings: From Kohl's. "My mom always had a lot of piercings and I always thought it was really pretty. Between Kohl's and Burlington I can always find a great pair of earrings for an accent piece."

Flower ring: From a Chicago costume store during a performance at Windy City Burlesque Festival. "The creation of Pandora the character was very much about doing all the things I didn't think I was. ... Burlesque has allowed me to be more comfortable with things I didn't have confidence in before. It's affected the way I dress for sure."

Owl ring: "Owls are the godfathers of birds — mellow but ultra powerful."

Clutch: From Kohl's. "I didn't notice until I started doing burlesque how much of a finishing touch a clutch or hand bag can be for an outfit."

Ruby ring: "This was a gift from my mom on my 31st birthday. My mom taught me how to dance. She would hand-dance with me and taught me to two-step."

Photos by Meghan Ralston