Staff pick: Australian singer/songwriter Betty Who making a name for herself

From the June 19, 2014 edition

Australian singer/songwriter Betty Who is a natural fit for Pride weekend, considering the success of her breakout song, “Somebody Loves You,” was fueled at least in part by its use in a video Spencer Stout filmed of his elaborately choreographed proposal to then-boyfriend Dustin Reeser. Video of the proposal, which was staged in a Salt Lake City hardware store, went viral, and it now sits north of 12 million views, meaning if you’re scheduled to attend a gay wedding ceremony at any point in the near future you are going to hear this song.

The rest of the rising pop-star’s catalog shouldn’t be overlooked, however, and songs like the massive, electro-tinged “Heartbreak Dream” flaunt her ability to transform complex relationship issues into easily digested, anthemic pop tunes.

Alex Stern photo