Alive’s six best acts to catch Sunday at ComFest

  • Colin Gawel & The Lonely Bones
  • Los Gravediggers
  • Mary Lynn
  • Nick Tolford & Company
  • Van Dale
From the June 26, 2014 edition

Van Dale

2:40 p.m., Offramp stage

Featuring members of the late, great This Is My Suitcase and the present, great Way Yes, Van Dale scorches its way through ’90s-alt-rock influences. Think Bleach-era Nirvana. —Brad Keefe

Mary Lynn

4:10 p.m., Offramp Stage

“Hey you/Keep your chin up,” sings Mary Lynn amid her solo debut Familiar Things & Places. Somehow, she manages to do just that, even as she struggles with weighty issues like heartbreak, loneliness and the search for a place she can comfortably call home. While the singer’s words can be downcast, the music rarely wallows, and Mary Lynn and her cohorts construct an indie-pop backdrop that hints at better days to come. —Andy Downing

The Apes

4:55 p.m., Offramp Stage

Pro-tip: If Sharon Udoh (Counterfeit Madison, The DewDroppers) is attached to a band, check it out. Sunday's case-in-point: The Apes, a genre-less, bizarro instrumental quartet that formed by accident a few years ago at Gallery Hop. The group’s groove-based violin and keyboard freakouts summon limbs to move, as if the Superman villain Grodd waylaid wallflowers with dance and wild animal energy instead of cities with his telepathic virtuosity. —Justin McIntosh


5:40 p.m., Offramp Stage

Swoon-worthy surf rockers and another one of Alive’s Bands To Watch, Bummers know how to keep the good vibes going, even though their name suggests otherwise. As a party band with some serious musical chops, Bummers’ fuzzy, up-beat sound will get you in the perfect state of mind to round-out another (undoubtedly) amazing ComFest. —Abernathy Miller

Nick Tolford & Company

6:55 p.m., Bozo Stage

Closing out Sunday’s Bozo Stage is Columbus’ most frolicking soul outfit. Frontman Nick Tolford has the ability to bounce from heartfelt crooner to booming heartache with his voice. Capitalizing on Tolford’s pipes is a band well versed in wonderful soul licks. (And let’s not forget those awesome backup singers.) —Jesse Tigges

Los Gravediggers/Colin Gawel & The Lonely Bones

6:25 p.m./7:15 p.m., Offramp Stage

Sunday closers have become a big thing for ComFest in the past few years. This year will be no exception in that the last two bands — both super groups in their own right — will be playing a back-to-back joint set with interchangeable members from both bands. With leading members from X-Rated Cowboys and Watershed, this is one not to miss. —Meghan Ralston