Dance preview: Taking Place bring together dancers

From the July 3, 2014 edition

Taking Place brings renowned contemporary dance choreographers together for a multi-day schedule that includes workshops, rehearsals and discussions, and culminates with a collaborative performance July 11-12. Five expert choreographers — K.J. Holmes, Peter Kyle and Claire Porter from New York City, CoCo Loupe from Baton Rouge and Columbus’ own Bebe Miller — will advise and teach local dancers daily from July 1 through the performances.

All events, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Garden Theatre, are open to the public, and there are even some for those interested in participating. It’s a chance for the Columbus dance community, or even those merely curious about modern dance, to see and work with some of the best in the field.

The whole process is designed with the concept of connectivity, according to Nicole Garlando, organizer of Taking Place, who’s worked with all five choreographers.

“These five people are my mentors and have really changed how my creative process works and the questions I’m asking. I really wanted to give everyone the same opportunity to learn from them,” Garlando said. “Columbus has a lot of good dance going on, so it just seemed perfect to ask them to come together for this 13-day experiment and make new work with local dancers.”

The “13-day experiment” is an expansive opportunity for Columbus’ dance community to learn from — and collaborate with — some of the field’s best. Taking Place is also a chance for local dancers to interact with each other. Both opportunities offer a rare chance to take part in something special.

“I only kind of knew one [dancer] and Nicole. Everyone else I’ve met over the last two weeks,” said performer Justin Fitch while at rehearsal Tuesday evening. “These are students and teachers from all the different disciplines, so I’m definitely connecting, and plan on taking every workshop too.”

Taking Place will also be documented with guerilla photographs and video by all involved, which will be screened on Sunday, July 13. Taking Place performances are Friday and Saturday, July 11-12. Go to the website for a full schedule of events.

Jesse Tigges photo