Independence Day getaways

From the July 3, 2014 edition

Ah, three-day weekends. That one extra day off work suddenly sends your mind reeling to all the possibilities for fun. “What kind of crazy shenanigans can I squeeze into three days?!” Living, as we do, in the “Heart of It All,” it’s easy to think of mini-vacations as opportunities to visit far-flung locales like the beach, Chicago or New York City. Or — shudder — that ubiquitous stay-cation.

While there’s plenty going on this weekend in the ’Bus, we thought it a worthy time to consider some of the Buckeye State’s other gems (and, maybe, one farther north).

What follows are five destinations you could conceivably visit this Fourth of July weekend, along with staff picks for how to best take advantage of these hot spots (spoiler: with a lot of booze and food). Basically, America.

Cincinnati >>

Cleveland >>

Detroit >>

Marietta >>

Yellow Springs >>