Pop Culture: Gossip This!

From the July 10, 2014 edition

Rumors suggest Princess Kate Middleton is pregnant with her second child. Hooray! Prepare yourself for royal infant versions of Who Wore it Best?

Singer Mya is still making music. Oh, and she also recently denied rumors that she’s had an ongoing affair with Mr. Beyonce, Jay-Z, and that he supports her financially. If nothing else, I hope this, the first mention of Mya you’ve heard in years, sends you down the rabbit hole of Lady Marmalade YouTube videos.

The crowd at the London Wireless Music Festival booed Kanye West as he went on a 25-minute rant about how much he thinks consumerism and the media suck. What the crowd didn’t let the artist get to is that they can now buy his plain white “hip-hop” T-shirt for $120 online.

Jessica Simpson married her football player boyfriend. And you can too with Weight Watchers!

Lindsay Lohan is suing “Grand Theft Auto V” makers because, she alleges, the game’s Lacey Jonas character was made in her likeness. The character even lives at the Hotel Chateau Marmont, where Lohan once lived and racked up a huge unpaid bill. Girl’s gotta pay that bill somehow.

Actors Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron were seen making out on a boat on Italy. Are they the two men whose wedding Joan Rivers recently officiated at a book signing?

The band Pink Floyd announced it will release an album this fall with all previously unreleased material made specifically for blaring from ’90s Ford Fiestas while eating White Castle.