Golak: Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon got picked up for DWI in North Carolina. This happened while Gordon is facing a yearlong suspension for failing yet another league-issued drug test. People question his future with the Browns — what's this guy's future in the league?

Sumukh: Sad tales with the Browns have either one of two futures. Either Gordon is out of the league quickly or he shapes up, gets clean and becomes a Hall of Famer with the New England Patriots.


Sumukh: Brazilian soccer star Neymar suffered a fractured vertebra in the country’s quarterfinal World Cup match against Colombia. It was tough to watch, but what was the most difficult sports injury you’ve ever seen?

Golak: I'm going to pick Sid Vicious snapping his leg going for a big boot off the top turnbuckle back in 2001 at WCW's Sin PPV. First, it's horrendously gruesome. Second, I like making non-wrestling fans mad by calling it a “sports” injury.


Golak: Wayne Gretzky is among a group of investors looking to bring an NHL franchise to Seattle. It’s close to a Canadian border, so, fan base-wise, how do you think hockey will fair in the Pacific Northwest?

Sumukh: Seattle has a great fan base for their MLS team, the Sounders. As a result, they are perfect for supporting a sport the rest of the country cares little about.


Sumukh: Eugenie Bouchard fell short of becoming the first Canadian to win a Grand Slam singles title at Wimbledon, losing 6-3, 6-0 to Petra Kvitova. But the future should be bright for Bouchard, especially since her biggest fan is Jim Parsons from “The Big Bang Theory,” right?

Golak: For sure. Worst case, if tennis bottoms out, she can make some guest spots on the show —which should likely be running for at least 27 more seasons. My guess, they'll do a Wii Tennis scene and sprinkle in three to four “ball” jokes.