With some of the city's best fried chicken taking over our cover, we're crying fowl and counting down our favorite chickens.

With some of the city’s best fried chicken taking over our cover, we’re crying fowl and counting down our favorite chickens.

10. Rubber chicken

The staple of prop comics is also one of the most pointless products ever, but every magic store has one. Assuming you can still find a magic store.

9. Camilla the Chicken

Camilla was the love interest of Gonzo on The Muppets. We don’t know exactly what Gonzo is, but we know it’s pretty weird to be in love with a chicken.

8. The Chicken Dance

Whether it’s at a wedding reception, a bar mitzvah or a skating rink, you know it’s a party when they bust out the Chicken Dance.

7. The chicken Rocky chases

Give credit where credit is due. This flightless speedster was integral in Rocky’s surprise knockout of Apollo in “Rocky II.” It did indeed teach Rocky to “catch greased lightning.”

6. Popeye’s

If you’re going for fast-food fried chicken, this spicy brand is by far the best.

5. Los Pollos Hermanos

Besting even the best “real” fast-food fried chicken is this fictional one — the preferred cover for Chilean-born meth kingpins in the New Mexico area.

4. The San Diego Chicken

The famous mascot is beloved the world over and was (we’re not making this up) sued by Barney the Dinosaur.

3. Rooster Cogburn

The central gunslinger in “True Grit” was made iconic by John Wayne, but we prefer the Jeff Bridges drunken, surly version.

2. Foghorn Leghorn

Mel Blanc voiced this Southern Looney Tunes chicken, and he can’t, we say, he can’t be beat.

1. The chicken that crossed the road

Why did it cross the road? It’s one of life’s biggest — and probably most unanswerable — questions.