Golak: So, LeBron's coming back (30 miles north of his) home! As a lifelong Cleveland sports fan, are you jumping on the full-on forgiveness bandwagon?

Sumukh: I am. This decision showed what Cleveland is all about: loyalty, hard work and forgiveness. Letís also not forget two other important qualities to the city that were emphasized: sadness and desperation.


Sumukh: Germany won the World Cup. This yearís World Cup may have been the most entertaining in our lifetime. Has it made you at all more interested in watching soccer outside of every four years?

Golak: Don't assume that I'm interested in watching soccer every four years.


Golak: In other NBA news, the Knicks re-signed Carmelo Anthony. Are the Knicks on the upswing, downswing or neutralswing as an organization?

Sumukh: As far as Iím concerned, the Knicks are on an upswing as long as sexual harassment lawsuits arenít being filed against them.


Sumukh: The Cleveland Browns announced they will have a live bullmastiff mascot named Swagger this season. Does this idea really bring swagger to a Dawg Pound that hasnít had much to cheer about for the past 15 years?

Golak: No. John ďBig DawgĒ Thompson will always be the premier Browns' mascot. Donning a dog mask and a XXXL jersey on the outside and a pickled liver and fatty heart on the inside, Big Dawg represented all that is Cleveland football fandom.