Street Fashion: Dresses are the perfect summer piece

From the July 17, 2014 edition
  • Mackenzie Dorner
  • Burson Sprague, Marysville
  • Kaytlin Houghteling, St. Louis
  • Jeana, Olde Towne East
  • Katherine Estock, Harrison West
  • Lauren Schultz

There is no better time than summer to wear a dress. I’ve seen so much variety in the streets of Columbus lately that I felt inspired to talk about this perfect summer piece. I especially liked Rachel’s skater dress. It not only has a nice polka-dot print, but also the button-up front sets it apart. I’m also really digging Kaytlin’s dress for the pockets. Who couldn’t use an extra pocket occasionally? Finally, we have Lauren’s romper-esque dress that is really on point during warmer months.