Your guide to beer in Columbus

From the July 17, 2014 edition

Columbus loves its beer. Or maybe I should clarify that to say Columbus loves its craft beer. After all, the number of new breweries opening in our fair city continues to climb each year, even as national figures suggest fewer beer overall is being consumed. Maybe that’s why we’re all a little nervous about the craft-beer market bubble bursting.

The question I get asked most by friends who love good beer is basically, “How much longer can this continue? How many more breweries will open in Columbus before it all goes kaput?”

The answer, it seems, is plenty more. One local brewer, Fred Lee, of Actual Brewing, suggests the number of breweries could double and the city’d still not be oversaturated. That’s a good thing. So sit back, Columbus, pop a cold one (perhaps a Belgian? We’ve also got a handy primer on that) and enjoy it while it lasts. All indications seem to suggest we could be here a while.