Pop culture: Gossip This

From the July 24, 2014 edition

Philip Seymour Hoffman surprisingly didn't leave any of his $35 million fortune for his progeny, all age 10 or under, because he did not want them to become trust fund kids. Instead, he left the money to the children's mother so she can make them trust fund kids.

The family of Aaliyah is continuing to fight production of a new movie about the late singer, and the actress originally slated to play her, Zendaya Coleman, resigned because she felt uncomfortable with the way the project was being handled. :/

"The Rockford Files" star James Garner died at age 86. Your old childhood babysitter is really torn up about it.

One Direction singer Zayn made his Instagram account public, revealing to the pre-teen masses with a photo of a wedding band that he is engaged. This was presumably less about his engagement than it was about distinguishing himself as “Not The Gay One” or Harry Styles.

Actor Judd Hirsch, famous for his role on the TV show "Taxi," will play a cab driver in "Sharknado 2: The Second One." Now you have to watch it.

The five original cast members of "The Big Bang Theory" are in heated contract negotiations with Warner Bros. TV. They are asking for $1 million per episode each for Season 8. Who knew pretending to be a nerd could make you so rich? Oh, yeah, Zooey Deschanel did! 

Kasey Kasem's body is missing. His daughter says her estranged stepmother won't reveal where his remains are; police have made a list of the top 40 places the body could be. 

Singer Adam Levine married Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo. Rolling Stone is currently working on the five-page feature story about his new tattoo for her.

Paris Hilton made a music video with a unicorn. That unicorn must have been really strapped for cash.