Staff Pick: Laura Cantrell comfortable in her own skin on No Way There From Here

From the July 24, 2014 edition

Nashville-born singer/songwriter Laura Cantrell kicks off her most recent full-length, No Way There From Here, with “All the Girls Are Complicated.” Yet the instrumentation coloring the album — her first of original material in nearly a decade — is deceptively simple, steeped in woozy fiddle, plucky piano and Cantrell’s casual, inviting vocals.

The songwriting, however, wanders into knottier emotional terrain, with the singer exploring the ways we struggle to pick up on non-verbal cues (“Barely Said a Thing”) and the difficulty of chipping away at long-developed emotional barriers (“Glass Armour”). “I’m gonna find myself a brand new skin,” she sings on “Beg or Borrow Days,” but these songs continually leave the impression she’s grown more comfortable in her own.

The Pioneer Club also performs.