Shirt: From Macy's: "Stretch-fit fabric feels so good."

Shirt: From Macy’s: “Stretch-fit fabric feels so good.”

Pants: Volcom: “I like Volcom pants because they fit me well, and there are some sweet bands on their record label.”

Shoes: Nike Skate shoes. “I like the gum soles better than the white ones; you can’t tell when they’re dirty.”

Handkerchief: Gifted . “I secretly and not-so-secretly want to be a cowboy. My boss gave me this when I found it in his sock drawer because it has horseshoes on it. Carrying a handkerchief is more about function than fashion. It’s like ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy,’ only instead of a towel, it’s a handkerchief.”

Necklace: DIY. “I was at a guitar convention, and this guy was selling British copper pennies that were fashioned into guitar picks. I thought it was cool, so I made one into a necklace.

Photo by Meghan Ralston