Best of Columbus 2013

Columbus Alive readers select their favorites in 97 categories of Dining, Nightlife, Shopping and Arts & Culture.

Columbus is the best. I’ve been reminded of this scientific fact for, well, approximately the last six weeks.

From the beginning of this year’s Best of Columbus contest, the biggest this city has to offer, I was struck by the sheer number of amazingly badass local businesses, people and places that reside here, far greater a number than would ever make it on our finalized list.

It continued all the way through to the voting deadline, when the final vote tallies came in (532,243 from 15,579 voters to be exact) and I was reminded, in staggering mathematical terms, how much you love this city.

Looking through the winners of our 97 categories, spread out over four broad sections, it’s easy to see why. Here are the individual parts, the best parts, that lead to the greater sum. Glory to Columbus.

— Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive editor




Arts & Culture