David Skeens' 'tapestr[ies] of text' tell a love story

David Skeens' “Love Suite” isn't a love story. At least it doesn't have to be.

The eight pieces — stylized poems presented as works of visual art Skeens described as “tapestr[ies] of text” — in the series are individual moments, each with its own unique inspiration, but “loosely sequential,” with a full narrative on love and relationships that is both personal and universal.

This isn't Skeens' first foray into this kind of typeset poetry — his works that hang in Le Meridien Hotel, the Joseph recently received a shout-out in a piece in The Washington Post.

“I use a font that's classic and clean, and a little pretty and fashion-y,” Skeens said. The forced justification of the lines works in a similar manner to the line breaks in free verse, he added.

“Love Suite” started with inspiration from song lyrics, which then gave rise to an attendant story and finally a title, a headline of sorts, Skeens said, sensationalized based on his past work as a writer for Victoria's Secret. The pieces call to mind moments and memories, drawing on contemporary, pop-art/pop-culture influences.

“They touch on different parts of a relationship,” Skeens said. “I drew some from personal experience, not just from my current relationship but past relationships.”

“The look is very clean but there are some dark moments. Conflict generates more interest than bliss,” he said.