The stand-up comedy legend visits Columbus for his first tour in nine years

Chris Rock certainly hasn't been dormant in recent years. His opening monologue from a 2016 gig hosting the Oscars remains a modern standard in the form, and his 2014 film “Top Five,” which he wrote, directed and starred in, ranks as the high-water mark in an up-and-down movie career. Yet somehow it's been nearly a decade since the comedian launched his last stand-up tour, which makes his forthcoming Palace Theatre stop even more of a can't-miss.

On the big screen, Rock can sometimes appear out-of-his element. But when he's onstage in front of a microphone he exudes confidence. This is true even when he delves into the most painful, vulnerable elements of his life, like his 2016 divorce from his wife of 16 years, which he explores in his current “Total Blackout Tour.” Early reports also suggest a strong political element, though jokes arrive with the expected Rock twist. (Discussing police shootings, the comic reportedly wonders why law enforcement hasn't taken to shooting a white kid at least once, “just for appearances.”)