The Pink Owl surfaces with a new band and a new perspective

With Red Feathers, the debauchery in the music frequently spilled over into raucous concerts where frontman the Pink Owl, often shirtless and draped in a feathered boa, howled about women, whiskey and all-night ragers as the glam-rock crew thrashed away like would-be hotel trashers behind him.

On Fully Delusional, the singer's latest with his new band (enter His Supernatural Fears), his song's narrators are still indulging some of the same vices — “I like to dream/ And I love to sleep with beautiful women,” Pink Owl drawls on the country-fried “I Love the Lord” — even as a bit of morning-after regret begins to seep in. “I tried to warn you, baby,” Pink Owl advises on “Just Some Person.” “That's what I do.”

Musically, the cassette release bounds between lo-fi, scraped-knee rock, ramshackle Byrds homages (“Future Mind”) and woozy burners like “Riddle You Tell Kids,” which pulls itself together slowly, like a middle-aged man gradually shaking off a hangover, closing with a guitar solo that burns a shooting star across the sky.