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Local artist KT Ramsey plays Ace of Cups

"I want to be R&B. I want to be a prog-rock trio. I want to be too many things, because I'm inspired by so many things," said Ramsey, whose split musical personality can be traced through her bloodlines. (Her father, a rock guitarist, stressed the importance of feel, while her mother's side, which is filled with church organists, taught her the importance of structure.) "I love all these old rock bands, but I'm always asking myself, 'Is that what I really am?' And that's what I've been trying to figure out."

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Alejandro Belizzi’s ‘Don’t Go Alone’ at Skylab

"Basically, life is hard and you shouldn't go alone or you get lonely and sad," he said, alluding to the title of his upcoming exhibition at Skylab, which opens this Saturday, adding that the show "is this layer of narcissism, in a way. It's about me being lonely, and how I want this connection with other people." The pieces in "Don't Go Alone" are primarily ink and/or pencil, with gouache applied for color. Subject matter includes, broadly, rooms and buildings — places where people are often found.

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Char Norman’s ‘Ghost Forest’ continues at CAC

"I'm just fascinated with taking natural elements and constructing a sculpture in a way people would notice these things they might otherwise step on or over in the forest," Norman said. "I want to celebrate the death of nature but also the rebirth." The work in Norman's "Ghost Forest" exhibition at the Cultural Arts Center is all newly made for this show, the sum of which is three years in the making. The collection features both 3-D and 2-D pieces.

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