Travel back in time at four Central Ohio taverns

OK, so time travel isn't actually possible (yet), but local bar-goers who want to feel the rush of setting foot in another era have a plethora of options, including a quartet of Central Ohio taverns, each of which can lay some claim to being the oldest watering hole in the state. These include: Blind Lady Tavern and Ringside Cafe Downtown, Granville's Buxton Inn and Ye Olde Trail Tavern in nearby Yellow Springs.

While determining the actual oldest bar would require a team of attorneys — Do you mean the oldest to operate under a single name? The first established? The longest continuous run as a tavern? — we here at Alive thought it would be fun to dig into some of the history at each of these establishments. Read on to see what we learned.

Blind Lady Tavern The Buxton Inn Ringside Cafe Ye Olde Trail Tavern