Cleveland punk legend still going strong

As with all of the other things Cleveland is never given enough credit for, one of the earliest and most challenging punk scenes in the world called Cleveland home. Years before the Ramones and the sterile, poppy ilk that band ultimately spawned, the Mistake by the Lake was nurturing a scene of truly bizarre proto-punk and art-damaged noiseniks.

One of that scene's survivors is Craig Bell, who logged time in some of those legendary acts. In high school, he founded the scene's ground zero band Mirrors, and later joined Rocket from the Tombs, the band that cast the darkest shadow, at least until they reunited in 2003.

Bell is still at it, keeping fires alive that were initially lit more than four decades ago. Recent years have seen his tour of duty in the revived X__X, including the recent Albert Ayler's Ghosts Live at the Yellow Ghetto, a bonafide cover of fellow Clevelander Ayler's seminal free-jazz touchstone.

Today, Bell continues creating and performing, even if he is now a displaced Clevelander in the Hoosier State. He put together his own combo to run through songs from a punk rock catalog that predates what most fans know about punk.

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