Music of David Bowie inspires Columbus Moving Company's examination of community

Columbus Moving Company, formed from the remnants of the Kristina Isabelle Dance Company when the dancer/choreographer moved to Chicago, welcomes Isabelle back as one of the creative forces for “WE,” a piece that examines the balance between universality and individuality.

Through directed improvisation, CMC delves into the abstract constructs surrounding gender, sexuality, community and more in this series of pieces set to the music of David Bowie.

“The idea is that we have structures set forth for each section of the show, for an overall feel of the piece and its movement intention, but that each time it's performed it's always different,” said Artistic Director Jeff Fouch. “It's not overt, but a narrative begins to show itself through the relationships and the movement of the people on the stage. It's a community — I think of it as a tribe — that is learning to understand how to support one another, how to deal with conflict through resolution. You get the sense that this group of people comes from one place and ends in another by end of the show.”