Sexy drama doesn't go beneath the skin

In the interest of equality, it is vitally important that underrepresented groups like the LGBTQ community see more depictions of their stories on-screen. And, in the interest of equality, some of those movies are not going to be very good.

The Canadian romantic-drama “Below Her Mouth” is a movie about two women who have a passionate and unexpected affair. It's even more notable for who is behind the camera, as it was refreshingly filmed by an all-female crew. Unfortunately, matters of plot and characters are still important.

Dallas (Erika Linder) is a Toronto roofer who is no longer feeling it with her current partner when Jasmine (Natalie Krill) comes strutting in.

Jasmine is the editor of a fashion magazine, because of course she is. It's one of the most common jobs for women in movies. She's also engaged to Rile (Sebastian Pigott), but that seems unimportant when she meets Dallas in a bar, sparking a connection.

Actually, it seems unimportant for most of the movie until it becomes a plot point again. “Below Her Mouth” is beautifully shot smut with a plot and dialogue to match. It's Zalman King for lesbians, and, dammit, there's a place for that.

But it's a shame that this script never quite establishes why Jasmine and Dallas connect, apart from the frequent onscreen sex (which, let's face it, is plenty of reason to connect). The actresses seem uninspired by the wooden dialogue, and with good reason.

It's a shame the movie doesn't go beneath all the skin it shows.