'90s rocker returns to skewer 'short-fingered man'

Back in the '90s, after the dissolution of previous band the Blake Babies, Boston rocker Juliana Hatfield gained a cult following with accessible, MTV-ready alt-rock hits like “Spin the Bottle” and “Sister.” She formed other groups over the years (the Juliana Hatfield Three, Juliana's Pony and the more-recent Minor Alps, a duo with Nada Surf's Matthew Caws) and even reunited the Blake Babies in the 2000s, but her early- to mid-'90s material remains her best-known work.

Hatfield will release new album Pussycat just two days before her Ace of Cups show on Sunday, April 30. She's not one to shy away from controversial topics, so it's no surprise this record addresses the current political climate. New single “Short-Fingered Man,” for instance, is undoubtedly a reference to our country's president, who has reportedly harbored deep insecurities about his hands ever since Graydon Carter referred to him as a “short-fingered vulgarian” in Spy magazine years ago. “Short-fingered man can't get her off,” goes the chorus. Perhaps, like Carter, Hatfield can expect to receive photos on which the former business mogul has circled his hands in gold Sharpie.