The Hell City creator loves tattoos

The Hell City Tattoo Festival sharpens its horns and reignites for “The Resurrection” in 2017. It's a celebration of body art and the education of tattooing as well as other forms of body modification. Nowhere else can you find such a collection of skilled tattoo artists under one roof. Check out more at Durb Morrison, the owner and organizer of Hell City Tattoo Fest, has been a tattoo artist for more than 26 years (he currently owns RedTree Tattoo Gallery in Italian Village).Now considered an industry veteran, Durb strives to give back to tattooing and the industry by teaching educational seminars worldwide. Here are a few things he loves.

Bringing tattoo artists together

I've always enjoyed bringing the tattoo community together and showing others the amazing world of tattooing and the artists behind it. It's been great to see people communicate with art and develop new relationships over the last 16 years I've spent organizing the Hell City Tattoo Fest.

Tattoo competitions at Hell City

I love watching all the tattoo competitions to see the incredible inking done by amazing tattoo artists. It's a great moment when people "enter their skin to win" awards among their fellow tattoo enthusiasts. These moments make people very proud of their tattoos, and are great for both the tattoo artist and the collector.

Columbus Museum of Art

Columbus is a very diverse and artist-friendly city, which I've always loved for its acceptance of alternative lifestyles and art. Columbus has an amazing art museum and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the city. The recent addition of the Margaret M. Walter Wing has taken the museum to a new level and allows for even more art to be featured.

Freak shows

Freak shows are a unique experience you get every year at Hell City! Hell City Tattoo Fest brings you Guinness World Record-holding freak show performances at the main stage! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Hell City attendees to witness some of the most unique and bizarre acts in Columbus! Step up to the main stage to get freaked out at this year's Hell City!

The local art community

The local art community has embraced The Hell City Tattoo Fest since its inception, and in turn Hell City has helped to grow the local tattooing and art community by leaps and bounds by showing tattooing in its best form.