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Author Colson Whitehead at Bexley High School

Colson Whitehead might be the first author to respond to news of winning the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction by playing a song from a children’s cartoon on repeat in his head. “I’m not sure if you know the show ‘Dora the Explorer,’ but at the end of each episode they have a song where they go, ‘We did it! We did it!’” said Whitehead, who received news of the award earlier this month and visits the Schottenstein Theatre at Bexley High School for a moderated Q&A on Friday, April 28. “And so that keeps going through my head: ‘Dora the Explorer.’”

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Ohio Shorts at Wexner Center

Words matter. MarShawn McCarrel knew this. “One thing we always used to talk about was that your words live on. They live forever,” said MarShawn’s twin brother, MarQuan. “It’s really cool that [MarShawn] was able to complete this kind of project, something that will continue to affect people in a powerful and positive way.” MarQuan is referring to the short film “Down South,” based on a poem written by MarShawn, who also plays one of the two main characters in the film, which was produced by Sheila Fagan, a former high school teacher of MarShawn’s, and directed by Bob Yothers and which will be screened at this year’s Ohio Shorts festival. Filming was completed before MarShawn, a spoken-word artist and community activist, took his own life on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse in February 2016.

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Juliana Hatfield at Ace of Cups

Juliana Hatfield will release new album Pussycat just two days before her Ace of Cups show on Sunday, April 30. She’s not one to shy away from controversial topics, so it’s no surprise this record addresses the current political climate. New single “Short-Fingered Man,” for instance, is undoubtedly a reference to our country’s president, who has reportedly harbored deep insecurities about his hands ever since Graydon Carter referred to him as a “short-fingered vulgarian” in Spy magazine years ago.

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