Indie-rocker talks high school ice hockey, roller derby and making a highly anticipated new album in her teens

Before her band Snail Mail released an EP that got her signed to Matador Records a few months after graduating from high school, Lindsey Jordan had a different plan.

Early in her high school years in suburban Baltimore, Jordan played ice hockey, and while she liked the sport, her teammates often made it a miserable experience. “When I was 15, I was talking about quitting hockey because I hated it,” Jordan said recently by phone. “I played forever, but I hated the people I played with. They were just the worst alt-right boys of all time. By the time I was a junior in high school, I quit.”

After hockey, Jordan got into roller skating and hoped to join a roller derby team, but the rules required her to be 18. But now that she's 18, Jordan has a few other things going on. Like touring the country.

Jordan first started playing guitar when she was 5, practicing classical guitar for two hours a day. “I was just really into it,” she said. “The music store had this rule that you had to be a certain age to take lessons, but they made an exception for me. … Nobody in my family plays music. I really shaped all my own music tastes and destiny and shit.”

Later on, Jordan also took guitar lessons from Mary Timony (Helium, Wild Flag, Ex Hex), and at 15 she formed Snail Mail, an indie-rock outlet for Jordan's ennui-laden pop. Early on, Jordan's band performed at a festival alongside punk band Priests, which released Snail Mail's debut EP, Habit, on its Sister Polygon label.

“I was writing all the time, but those [songs] were the ones that I wrote with the intention of putting