MACEDONIA — Nordonia Hills residents can learn about the new "EVAC 911 Preplan" and "Securing Our Students" programs at a meeting Sept. 15 at 10 a.m. in the Nordonia High cafeteria.

"No greater challenge exists today than keeping our communities, responders, schools and workplaces safe," said Mayor Joseph Migliorini. "This challenge will take a strong commitment from our community leaders, governmental bodies, emergency responders and school authorities by working together to build a culture of preparedness."

According to Migliorini, the EVAC 911 program consists of citywide emergency preparedness preplans with evacuation maps divided into four colorized zones showing critical information needed in the event of an actual evacuation.

The colorized zone maps will help first responders to quickly identify and locate important locations such as Red Cross shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, fire hydrants, pipelines, railroads, and emergency contact numbers.

The information also is utilized in the occurrences of such crisis situations as road hazards, bomb threats, hazmat spills, fires, SWAT Incidents and other natural or Manmade disasters.

The Securing Our Students program from Foremost Safety Solutions is a patented, standardized, colorized navigational system that provides first responders with accurate blueprints, aerial views and site plans, including additional critical information needed in the event of a crisis.

The SOS program is installed in all Nordonia Hills schools and has been approved by Homeland Security for use with XchangeCore / UICDS Middleware and SpotOnResonse.

The latter’s newest technology gives first responders a password protected two-way interoperable information sharing ability.

EVAC 911 and SOS and their critical information are downloaded on XchangeCore and can be accessed via SpotOnResponse using android phones, tablets, iPads, iPhones or a web application for desktops, laptops and operations centers.

SpotOnResponse and XchangeCore / UICDS was founded and developed by Dr. James W. Morentz, based upon his more than 30 years of experience as a Homeland Security technology consultant.

Area residents are invited to bring their device and participate in the live webinar.

"We are very pleased to receive this technology and make our communities safer places to live and provide our children with a safer environment to learn," said Migliorini.