Senior citizens were honored recently by students and staff of the Green Local School District and treated to breakfast, choir and band performances and a tour of the buildings. The district served approximately 55 seniors who filled the tables in the cafeteria on the school campus. The event was held to express thanks and appreciation of the district to the senior citizens for their continued support.

Senior citizens filled the tables in the cafeteria during an appreciation breakfast held recently by the district.

The high school choir performed at the breakfast.

The fifth-grade choir performed for seniors attending the breakfast.

The seventh-grade choir performed for senior citizens as they enjoyed a complimentary breakfast.

The seniors were serenaded by Smithville seventh-grade, fifth-grade and high school choirs as they filled their plates.

Arnold Gunneos and Pat West were two of the 55 seniors in attendence for the appreciation breakfast. Gunneos is given a piece of breakfast casserole by Smithville high school student Kassi Cyrus.

Plenty of food was available for breakfast thanks to the efforts of Village Catering.

The Smithville High School band also performed at the breakfast honoring senior citizens.

Mike Schenk,