Hobby: Outdoor Dutch oven cooking, gardening and photography.

Favorite food: Any good home-cooked meal (especially with family and friends).

Favorite place to visit: Maine and White Mountains in New Hampshire.

My pet peeve is: Any person, especially sales or business people, who is not truthful.

Whose tunes are playing in your iPod: I don’t own an iPod, but I like listening to way range of music — classical, country, bluegrass and music from the 60s and 70s.

The talent or superpower I wish I had is: Being able to time travel — into the past and the future, to see if the decisions we made were for the best.

Least favorite chore: Washing dishes.

First job: Agriculture-type green house when I was 16.

Nobody knows: If I am making the proper choice of retiring. I do enjoy my job of help other people, in their time of need. Everyday there is a different problem at hand to solve. The job was rewarding in helping shape the new officers who will be protecting and keeping our community safe in the future.

Who, living or dead, would you most like to have dinner with: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, or Daniel Boone.