Baughman Township — Charles M. and Teresa J. Boron, trustees to John B. Kohler and Shelly A. Brenner, 2606 Back Massillon Road, $330,000.

Canaan Township — Beverly A. Hanzie to Kenneth E. and Tracy D. Blevins, Cleveland Road, $265,900.

Edwin L. and Patricia A. Mellott to Anthony L. Copley, 1506 E. Easton Road, $155,000.

Hang Your Hat Homes LLC to Dawn Hartley LLC, 122 Middle St., $29,000.

Mitchell Cover and Lorna L. Metsker to Brian and Lisa Bowen, 202 Evergreen Drive, $225,000.

Thomas M. Johnson to Dannie J. Jr. and Tiah J. Wingate, 3838 E. Steiner Road, $158,000.

Leila J. Buheit to Kathryn L. and Fred M. Cassel, 139 Water St., $63,000.

Chester Township — Keith I. and Dorothy J. Brown, trustees to Ethan L. and Chelsea R. Oliver, 3139 Overton Road, $189,500.

Chippewa Township — Mary E. Ross and Linda A. Frederick to Elizabeth L. Roehrich, 13176 Clinton Road, $30,000.

Darol A. Summers to James K. Jr. and Dale B. Lindeman, 13307 Hametown Road, $88,000.

Clinton Township — Aden L. and Naomi A. Yoder to The Nature Conservancy, Brown Road, $5,000.

Trigona Umberto to JRD Enterprises LLC, 6388 Columbus Road, $96,000.

Brad Tarleton to Bradley M. and Elise M. Henderson, 7733 S. Funk Road, $150,000.

Bruce A. and Melissa M. Sidel to Joshua M. Shankland, 255 E. McConkey St., $75,000.

P. Steven and Crystal J. Dalrymple to Chriss W. Steiner, 200 S. Market St., $5,900.

Chriss W. Steiner to P. Steven and Crystal J. Dalrymple, 277 E. Jones St., $5,900.

Congress Township — Boaz M. and Chanli R. Amstutz to David R. Reschke Sr., 15055 Fair Road, $74,000.

P. Steven and Crystal J. Dalrymple to Christopher A. and Pamela J. Wheeler, 99 Wingerter Ave., $104,900.

Doylestown — David J. Wilging to Leslie J. Sr. and Kimberly D. Mann, 641 Franklin Drive, $154,000.

East Union Township — Debra J. McIntire fka Debra J. Henthorne, trustee to Rodney and Tina Moore, Secrest Road, $55,000.

Patrick L. Marthey to Tyler G. Marthey, 5145 S. Carr Road, $133,000.

Wayne W. and Miriam L. Miller to Firman D. and Kristina W. Raber, 2783 S. Carr Road, $200,000.

Joshua C. and Mandy L. Royse to Alex Jr. and Glenda Naumoff, 135 W. Main St., $55,000.

Henry H. and Anna D. Troyer and Henry D. and Mary E. Troyer to Henry H. and Anna D. Troyer fee Henry D. and Mary E. Troyer, 11575 S. Berg Road, $75,000.

Franklin Township — Grosjean Farms LLC to Johnathon D. Schlabach, Moreland Road, $122,055.

Grosjean Farms LLC to Merle E. Farmwald and Lori Mast, Fredericksburg Road, $200,850.

Grosjean Farms LLC to Atlee I Hilty, Fredericksburg Road, $103,000.

Delbert H. and Beverly M. Miller to Keith A. and Connie S. Franks, 914 E. Messner Road, $178,000.

U.S. Bank National Association, trustee to Mark E. Scheibe, 2696 Oil City Road, $55,300.

Milton Township — Trisha A. Wiles to Sadie B. Kozma, 10 Doylestown Road, $155,000.

Paint Township — Robert B. and Marianna E. Miller to Levi A. and Ruth A. Hershberger, Massillon Road, $62,500.

Orrville — Barbara A. Boyer, etal. to William A. and Danielle K. Radford, 502 Market St., $72,000.

Plain Township — Donna R. Maxwell to Bruce A. and Melissa M. Sidel, 4708 Maple Grove Road, $193,000.

Stephen E. and Peggy Andrews to David R. and Melinda C. Tyner, South Jefferson Road, $25,000.

Rex L. and Zandra M. Mairs to Anthony E. McMichael and Brittany B. Williams, 5335 Heyl Road, $221,100.

George S. and Norma J. Ramsier to Emily K. and Derek E. Reusser, 3375 Heyl Road, $264,000.

Rittman — Charley and Mary A. Copley to Citimortgage Inc., 41 S. State St., $27,334.

Martha J. Lance to Matthew P. and Jessica A. Rhoads, 62 W. Ohio Ave., $113,500.

Jeremy A. Garver to PNC Bank National Association, 34 Greenbriar Ave., $69,160.

Willard E. and Pauline Watts to Kaylene R. Woody, 250 Front St., $40,000.

Orrin D. and Kara M. Witt to Thomas L. and Pamela Niemann, 35 Fairmont Ave., $137,000.

Raymond L. Wilson to Royce & Sons LLC, 86 Hawk Ridge Road, $51,700.

Salt Creek Township — Andy A. and Barbara Troyer to Melvin A. and Ida R. Troyer and Andy A. and Barbara Troyer, 8794 Cutter Road, $400,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Christie J. Defibaugh to Bryan K. Squibbs, 36 Stuart St., $123,544.

Wooster — Albert G. Canton to Benjamin M. Eggers, 430 N. Buckeye St., $41,500.

Rose A. Snowbarger, etal. to Audrey A. Raisovich, 1132 Eastern Ave., $84,000.

Kurt M. and Jennifer M. Vipperman to William G. and Lisa A. Albrecht, 616 Wildwood Drive, $335,000.

Jordan Smith to Renee D. Manson, 235 Ihrig Ave., $139,900.

Bonnie L. Goham to Dolores N. Martin, 640 Cobblestone Court, $159,900.

Andrew N. Vizzo to Aaron Miller, 763 Western Drive, $46,000.

Robin Kormos to Marion and Kimberly Fillpot, 2725 Taylor Ave., $170,000.

Linda R. Kline to Rickey and Helen E. Kirkbride, 678 Catalina Ave., $166,000.

Charles R. Wright, trustee to Benzle LLC, 1599 Burbank Road, $164,000.

Ethan L. Oliver to Julio E. Salazar II, 585 Kieffer St., $140,000.

Ted A. Warren to Dennis A. and Stephanie R. Stauffer, 536 Catalina Ave., $105,000.

Jeffrey L. Massaro, etal. to Joshua and Nancy Troyer, 533 Spink St., $54,000.

Wooster Township — Carole J. Boyes, trustee to Rejoy Properties LLC, 3681 Ely Road, $62,000.

Raymond H. and Faye I. Shaum to Troy L. and Sherri R. Shaum, 2678 S. Kohler Road, $900,000.

Charles E. and Helen J. Turner to Roger R. and Brenda K. Hoover, 569 Kidron Road, $250,000.

Leonard R. and Sharon K. Wenger to Dawn R. Wenger, 227 Greenbriar Lane, $80,000.

Darrell A. Smith to Reuben A. Weaver, 1013 Old Columbus Road, $25,000.