I think we are all in agreement that so far, spring stinks, here in Northeastern Ohio and pretty much everywhere. We still have snow in the forecast, although that follows along with the old wives tale. 

Supposedly, spring starts with the first sighting of a robin. The birds are back, welcome home! And hope you don’t freeze to death before spring really starts. Better get busy building a nest or get aggressive and kick a few squirrels out of theirs. 

The tale continues that the first "dusting" of snow in the spring is the Robin’s Snow because it’s too light to bother the "hearty robins." 

I think we may have gotten "dusted" a bit too much. We’ve had shovel-able and plow-able amounts of snow in the past few weeks since the "official" start of spring on March 20. 

The tale ends with the daffodils in bloom being covered with snow three times before winter ends. I can’t tell about this part from looking at my yard. We have daffodil stalks that come up every year at the end of the driveway. No blooms, just stalks. 

We didn’t plant those and we’ve been here for 22 years now. So I don’t know if the blooms are getting covered or not. What I do know is that I have done my part to usher in spring. 

I did not put away my winter clothes and dig out my sandals and tank tops. The salt bucket is still on the back porch and the snow shovel is laying in the pea gravel right where we found it when the last round of snow melted. 

All the calendars have been brought up to date, none still sporting February or anything. The valentine wreaths are put away until next year and the spring flower wreaths are in their place. 

And we’re still treading water here, stuck in neutral with low temperatures and too much precipitation. Nothing but cold and mud. Spring is supposed to inspire us to get outdoors, to make up reasons to be out there enjoying the glorious weather and cleaning up the mess the melted snow has revealed in our yards. 

Yeah, not so much. I don’t want anything to do with being outside right now. I’m perfectly content to hunker down inside and wait it out. Although I have been rethinking my plan of action to jump-start spring. 

If not putting away winter stuff didn’t help not jinx the coming of spring, then maybe I will put winter things away. Slowly, though, I don’t want to put a rip in the fabric of time or anything. 

So far, I’ve put away long johns, winter boots, heavy sweaters and bulky winter coats. I even wore a pair of tennis shoes the other day. I’m pretty sure I know where our summer clothes are this year, as opposed to years past when I tore up the house three times and was almost resigned to replacing our entire summer wardrobe. 

The problem here is that spring hasn’t yet sprung and there’s not a darned thing anybody can do about it. Whining and complaining gets us nowhere. We can’t mount a protest or march in the streets. Well, we could, but I don’t think anybody is in the mood for that right now, it’s too cold outside. 

We can’t file a grievance with our union rep or even go over our supervisor’s head to their supervisor. Maybe we could think about filing a class action lawsuit, which I recently learned means a lawsuit brought by a bunch of people mad about the same thing at the same person. 

Which of us would like to tell Mother Nature that she is the defendant in our lawsuit?

My husband asked why we haven’t gotten our Indian Summer yet. And I say it’s because that’s in the fall, when Mother Nature gives us one last look at what we had in the summer. His response was that what we need now is an Indian Spring, to give us a little taste of what’s to come. Works for me, how about you, Mother Nature?  

© 2018 Laura Nethken