A linchpin to our system of American government is frequent and regular elections. This allows the people to choose their elected officials to represent their interests and needs. Of the three current trustees in Sugar Creek Township, the first, Matthew Nussbaum, was elected when the only other option was to write in a candidate.

The second, David Wengerd, was appointed by Nussbaum and by former trustee Jacob Dalessandro; Dalessandro won an election in which he received less than two out of every five votes and has since resigned.

The third, Mitch Steiner, was appointed by Nussbaum and the unelected Wengerd in their Nov. 15 special meeting. Wengerd and Steiner, who were appointed by trustees and were not elected by the people, each ran for township trustee (2017 and 2013 respectively) and lost. This means that two of our current three trustees were recently rejected by voters while the other was essentially put in office by default.

It is illogical for trustees Nussbaum, Wengerd and Steiner to believe they are a legitimate representation of the people. These appointments make a mockery of our system of local governance which should be based on representing the people.

I call on Mitch Steiner to resign due to the fact that he was not chosen by the people and was in fact soundly rejected by voters in the past. In addition, it is also significant to reiterate that Steiner’s appointment was made possible largely because of Wengerd, an unelected official, who voters rejected in the election earlier this month.

I ask our current trustees to refrain from making any major or divisive decisions until our elected trustees, Scott Widmer and Jonathan Hofstetter, assume their elected roles in January 2018.

Joshua Hershberger

Sugar Creek Township